Family mediation

Both judges and lawyers recognize that family cases are among the most difficult cases handled by the court system. They are not well suited for the typical legal process because they involve issues that are very personal and emotional and can often impact the lives of children.  Our family mediation practice helps families who are separating or divorcing or coping with other family disputes.  Our mediators are experienced in effectively managing complex cases with multiple parties, including inter-generational family members, experts, and legal representatives.  Typical family disputes include separation and divorce, child custody, visitiation, support, parenting plans, intergenerational issues, relocation, and civil unions.



Divorce and separation mediation

Divorce mediation offers the possibility of a fair and quick settlement that preserves relationships.   This is particularly important when children are involved.  Children continuously change; they grow, develop and have changing needs.  Parents also have changing needs and circumstances.  Mediation encourages parents to collaborate to create a parenting plan that fits their lifestyle and focuses on the best interests of their child.  Its goal is to be mutually beneficial; parents are therefore more likely to adhere to the agreement.  It also gives parents the confidence to communicate and solve future issues together, without the need of litigation.  Parents with mediated agreements are less likely to return to court.


Create a win-win solution.

Mediation’s goal is to help parties create a win-win solution.  This means that the agreement works for both parties.  Mediated agreements are typically more robust than litigated settlements.  Since both parties are involved in the decision-making, they are more likely to adhere to the agreement.  

The mediation process is confidential and we provide a neutral environment for our clients to ensure their comfort and safety.  Our certified mediators are trained in a multitude of disciplines, but all share a commitment to the facilitative approach of conflict resolution.  Learn more about us >

Attorneys are always welcome in mediation

While you do not have to have an attorney to participate in mediation, attorneys are always welcome to attend, to provide legal guidance, and/or to review agreements.

Mediation is affordable

We provide affordable and accessible services to our community.  Our normal fees are $125 per hour, per person (or $250 per hour), unless the parties and the mediator agree to another arrangement.


  • If your case is referred to CMG Foundation by Order of Referral from a General District or Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, mediation is provided at no cost to the parties. 


Schedule a consultation or mediation session

We have a special screening process to ensure that your case is appropriate for mediation.  Mediation is not suited to cases where a party wishes to make a legal precedent.  Because the goal of mediation is to help parties to work together, both parties must be able to fully participate in the mediation.  Contact us to schedule a mediation or to learn more.  Contact us >

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