Civil mediation

Mediation encourages creative thinking and problem solving.  This allows parties to reach decisions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.  It avoids the stress and costs, both emotional and financial, of adversarial litigation.  The process is confidential and held in a neutral and safe environment.  This promotes communication and collaboration between disputing parties.  Individuals are responsible for their own outcome in mediation.  This increases their confidence in solving disputes together, and supports future cooperation. While you do not have to have an attorney to participate in mediation, attorneys are always welcome to attend, to provide legal guidance, and/or to review agreements.

Typical civil disputes include landlord/tenant issues, neighbor relations, workplace and employment issues, construction and real estate problems, external business conflict, congregation and church conflicts, and community relations.


Mediation in the workplace

We help companies resolve internal disputes among staff members and external disputes with clients or suppliers.  Our interest-based approach helps parties find a solution fairly and quickly, without costly litigation.  This allows disputing parties to resume business as usual with minimal disruption.  Mediation is a very effective tool for resolving disputes where on-going business relationships are crucial to the company.  The process is flexible and confidential.  We hold mediations in our office to establish a safe and impartial environment; this emphasizes our neutrality to both parties.  Attorneys are welcome to join the proceedings and we encourage parties to seek legal advice throughout the process.  


Create a win-win solution.

Mediation’s goal is to help parties create a win-win solution.  This means that the agreement works for both parties.  Mediated agreements are typically more robust than litigated settlements.  Since both parties are involved in the decision-making, they are more likely to adhere to the agreement.  

We provide a neutral environment for our clients to ensure their comfort and safety.  Our certified mediators are trained in a multitude of disciplines, but all share a commitment to the facilitative approach of conflict resolution.  Learn more about us >


Schedule a mediation with us.

We have a special screening process to ensure that your case is appropriate for mediation.  Mediation is not suited to cases where a party wishes to make a legal precedent.  Because the goal of mediation is to help parties to work together, both parties must be able to fully participate in the mediation.  Contact us to schedule a mediation or to learn more.  Contact us >

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