We teach mediation skills to professionals.

Our mediation training focuses on teaching the facilitative model of mediation.  Our trainers are practicing mediators, who have mediated hundreds if not thousands of cases.  We also have extensive training in adult education and presentation skills.  Our training courses are designed to fulfill Supreme Court of Virginia certification or professional continuing education requirements.

All of our trainings are interactive in nature.  We use a multi-media format to create an engaging learning environment and to ensure maximum learning opportunities.  We expect our participants to be fully involved in discussions and role-plays, as these are key to understanding and practicing new mediation skills.  Our class sizes are small so that we can give individual attention and feedback.  We encourage our participants to network with each other and our staff to gain further insight into the field of mediation.  We are always happy to offer career advice and are constantly on the lookout for volunteers and mediators that are a good fit with CMG Foundation. 

Core mediation

Our Core mediation courses give students a solid foundation in basic and family mediation skills.  These courses are approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia and provide the educational framework for becoming a fully certified mediator in Virginia in the General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations and Circuit Court levels.  Learn more or book a course >

Conflict Coaching

Information is available on our Home Page.  Scroll down to the link.


We provide mentorship opportunities for students to complete their training and gain certification.  Our mentorship program gives students the opportunity to gain the valuable experience needed for certification and embark on a career in mediation.  We also offer co-mediation opportunities.  Learn more or book a course >

Advanced mediation

The role of the mediator is arduous.  It requires a high level of skills, training and knowledge beyond the certification curriculum.  Our Advanced mediation courses focus on advancing key skill areas and fulfilling attorney CLE and mediator CME continuing education requirements.  These courses provide our trainees with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and become more successful mediators.  Learn more or book a course >

Short courses

We offer a variety of short courses based on basic and advanced mediation skills for professional development.  These courses are designed for professionals wishing to hone their communication, listening and negotiating skills or those who wish to test the water before taking a longer course.   Learn more or book a course >

Breakfast series

We are sponsoring a series of breakfast seminars for professionals to network and gain continuing education credits.  These seminars focus on tips and strategies for successful dispute resolution.  Learn more or book a course >