Mediation is a better way of resolving disputes.

Mediation encourages creative thinking and problem solving.  This allows parties to reach decisions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.  It avoids the stress and costs, both emotional and financial, of adversarial litigation.  The process is confidential, and held in a neutral and safe environment.  This promotes communication and collaboration between disputing parties.  Individuals are responsible for their own outcome in mediation.  This increases their confidence in solving disputes together, and supports future cooperation.  Mediation can be used in a variety of situations, but it is most effective where ongoing relationships are important, such as parenting.  

Mediation has been used since ancient times.  The mediator, with his ability to bring disputing parties to an amicable resolution, was an ethereal figure in many earlier civilizations and faiths.  Confucius believed that the best way to resolve a dispute was through moral persuasion and agreement, rather than coercion.  Across all major continents, societies have used village elders, tribal councils, kinship circles, and the like to resolve local disputes.  

Mediation is affordable.

We provide affordable and accessible services to our community.  Our normal fees are $125 per hour, per person (or $250 per hour), unless the parties and/or the mediator agree to do something different.

If your case is referred to CMG Foundation by Order of Referral from a General District or Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, mediation is provided at no cost to the parties.

Attorneys are always welcome in mediation.

While you do not have to have an attorney to participate in mediation, attorneys are always welcome to attend, to provide legal guidance, and/or to review agreements.

Schedule a mediation with us.

We have a special screening process to ensure that your case is appropriate for mediation.  Mediation is not suited to cases where a party wishes to make a legal precedent.  Because the goal of mediation is to help parties to work together, both parties must be able to fully participate in the mediation.  Contact us to schedule a mediation or to learn more.  Contact us >


We are experts in mediation.  We handle family and non-family mediations.

Mediation is a voluntary way of resolving disputes.  Mediation has been called ‘no-fault conflict resolution’ because the goal is to find a solution fairly and quickly.  It does not try to decide who is right or who is wrong in a costly court battle.  The mediator, a neutral third-party, helps disputing parties work together to resolve their differences, and negotiate a mutually beneficial settlement.  

Mediation is not limited by the rigidity of the court system. The emphasis is placed on the individuals to resolve their dispute.  This enables the parties to better tailor the solutions to meet their needs, and to suit their budget and schedule.  The process strives to increase the communication between parties, thereby encouraging future relations.  

CMG Mediators are all certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia.  Our mediators have mediated over 25,000 cases across a broad spectrum of disputes.

Let us help you solve your dispute. 

Most disputes can be mediated.  Mediation is most successful when parties can focus on a common interest or wish to preserve a relationship.  We specialize in two  areas of mediation - family mediation and civil. 

Family Mediation

Our family mediation practice helps families who are separating or divorcing or coping with elder parents.  Both judges and lawyers recognize that family cases are among the most difficult cases handled by the court system. They are not well suited for the typical legal process, because they involve issues that are very personal and emotional, and can often impact the lives of children.         Learn more >

Civil Mediation

Civil is a broad term that encompasses conflict between businesses; workplace, contractor and homeowner; landloard and tenant; neighbors, etc.  Please call Brenda Lowry, Executive Director,  to determine if your conflict is appropriate for mediation.  804.254.2664   Learn more >