School mediation

Young people see conflict daily.  However, they rarely see examples of constructive dispute resolution, where the goal is to find a base of common interests to resolve the conflict.  More frequently the solutions observed include shouting, abusive language and violence.  While these solutions may end the conflict, they do not resolve the underlying dispute.  School violence is frequently an expression of unresolved conflict. The ensuing violence and antisocial behavior disrupts school, preventing teachers and students from focusing on teaching and learning.


- Student/teacher

- Parent/teacher

- Workplace and employment issues

- Special needs

We also plan and implement peer mediation programs tailored to individual schools and colleges.


Peer mediation

Our peer mediation program is a violence prevention tool that helps develop a safe school environment.  It aims at preventing minor disputes from escalating into more serious problems.  Teaching mediation skills gives students a valuable life skill that is an essential part of good leadership.  Peer mediation does not take the place of a school-wide discipline plan but can be used as an adjunct to such a plan.  The process offers students a means of resolving their problems, without deeming one side the winner and one the loser.  Its goal is to keep small everyday problems between students from escalating into violence and to teach valuable communication skills.

Special education mediation

Special education provides unique challenges to educators and parents. There is seldom one best method of instruction or placement and decisions may have to be changed and renegotiated over time. In the majority of situations, a long-term relationship will exist between the student, parent and the school.  Therefore, ongoing cooperation and communication are essential to ensure that the child’s best interests are met.  Mediation is increasingly being encouraged and used to resolve disputes between parents, educators and providers of special services arising under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) since it provides the opportunity for the school and parents to develop a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.  Our mediators have training and experience in dealing with issues relating to special education and we would be happy to provide your school with mediation and education on conflict resolution.

Create a win-win solution.

Mediation’s goal is to help parties create a win-win solution.  This means that the agreement works for both parties.  Mediated agreements are typically more robust than litigated settlements.  Since both parties are involved in the decision-making, they are more likely to adhere to the agreement.  

We provide a neutral environment for our clients to ensure their comfort and safety.  Our certified mediators are trained in a multitude of disciplines, but all share a commitment to the facilitative approach of conflict resolution.  Learn more about us >

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