Family mediation

Both judges and lawyers recognize that family cases are among the most difficult cases handled by the court system. They are not well suited for the typical legal process, because they involve issues that are very personal and emotional, and can often impact the lives of children.  Our family mediation practice helps families who are separating or divorcing or coping with elder parents.  Our mediators are experienced in effectively managing complex cases with multiple parties, including intergenerational family members, experts and legal representatives.  We partner with our sister organization ACCORD to help international families navigate the legal intricacies of multiple jurisdictions.  



- Separation and divorce.  

- Child custody and visitation

- Child support

- Parenting plans

- Intergenerational issues

- Relocation 

- Civil unions

Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation offers the possibility of a fair and quick settlement that preserves relationships.   This is particularly important when children are involved.  Children continuously change; they grow, develop and have changing needs.  Parents also have changing needs and circumstances.  Mediation encourages parents to collaborate to create a parenting plan that fits their lifestyle and focuses on the best interests of their child.  Its goal is to be mutually beneficial; parents are therefore more likely to adhere to the agreement.  It also gives parents the confidence to communicate and solve future issues together, without the need of litigation.  Parents with mediated agreements are less likely to return to court.

Senior mediation (intergenerational family mediation)

We are living longer today. Senior mediation offers families a safe and neutral environment in which to discuss these complex and difficult issues.  Long-term healthcare as we grow older is becoming an important issue within families.  We work with older adults, their extended family members and their service providers to help with decisions relating to caregiving, medical care, end-of-life decisions, living arrangements, wills and estate matters and financial decision-making.  Because family dynamics are often complicated, our trained mediators help our clients remain focused on the issues at hand. We work to find creative solutions that ensure the elder’s dignity and independence while balancing their safety and their children’s concerns. Our focus is on the best interests of the elder. 

International family mediation (cross-border mediation)

Partnerships across different cultures, customs and faiths are becoming more and more familiar.  This has added a new dimension to the practice of family law.  International family mediation targets the intricacies of custody and visitation for children with multiple nationalities, and the legal complexities of these multiple jurisdictions.  Mediation is strongly favored in these circumstances due to its flexible format; the process can be tailored to fit unique family dynamics and traditional methods of dispute resolution. The mediation process is confidential. Mediations are normally held in our offices to establish a safe and impartial environment, however, we can also do this remotely by web conferencing should distance be an issue.

Create a win-win solution.

Mediation’s goal is to help parties create a win-win solution.  This means that the agreement works for both parties.  Mediated agreements are typically more robust than litigated settlements.  Since both parties are involved in the decision-making, they are more likely to adhere to the agreement.  

We provide a neutral environment for our clients to ensure their comfort and safety.  Our certified mediators are trained in a multitude of disciplines, but all share a commitment to the facilitative approach of conflict resolution.  Learn more about us >

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