We are a provider of conflict management services and training.

CMG Foundation is a non-profit organization offering conflict management services and training.  Our mission is to help our community in Greater Richmond resolve disputes more amicably.  Mediation is one tool for resolving conflict - it empowers clients to solve their own disputes, creating win-win solutions.  The process teaches individuals the communication skills necessary for resolving future issues on their own and preventing violence.  We believe that promoting and increasing the use of mediation will help create a more peaceful society.  Learn more about us >

Our impact

We provide affordable mediation services and teach mediation skills to address three barriers to peaceful dispute resolution - access to justice, skills and education.  Last year, we mediated over 1500 cases referred from the courts at no cost to the parties.  Approximately seventy percent of those cases reached agreements.  We teach parent workshops each month to help parents effectively parent across two separate homes.  We also work with companies and government entities to increase the mediation skills of their workers and to find ways to help prevent violence in the workplace.  Learn about our impact > 

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Gifts to CMG Foundation support free mediation services and mediation skills training in the greater Richmond area.  With your help, we can bring greater access to justice to our community and more peaceful conflict resolution to the individuals and families we serve.  Get involved >

Upcoming events and news

Become a Conflict Management Coach-Enhance Your Skills and Practice

Conflict Management Coaching unites the fields of professional coaching and conflict management. It is a one-on-one process in which a trained coach assists people to effectively manage their interpersonal disputes and to gain increased competency in their conflict management skills. Conflict management coaching may be used in the workplace and a range of other contexts and there are also many applications of this process.

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Graduate School for Mediators-Rich, Collegial Dialog for Experienced Mediators

October 24, 2017

Come together with peers and our highly experienced group leader, John Settle, to discuss successful mediation practices, ask questions, share information, and analyze ‘difficult’ cases.  Learn more >


Become a mediator.

October 18-20, 2017

Join our Family Mediation Skills training and learn how to be a family mediator. This interactive course focuses on the basic knowledge and skills required for mediating family matters. Learn more or book >


Learn parenting tips and strategies.

Our low-cost parent workshops are designed for parents who are separating or divorcing.  Parents learn tips and strategies for parenting across two homes and how to minimize the negative effects of separation on their child.  Our workshops are approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia for Parent education.  Learn more >